We are civil society organizations that advocate for human rights, mothers and fathers heads of families; we are people who work to defend the human right to adequate food and nutrition in Girls, Boys, Adolescents and the Colombian society in general.

With political advocacy, we articulate with decision makers while we carry out work with social organizations, opinion leaders, academics and people interested in public health and food at different levels (territorial, national and international),aiming to promote public policies related the defense of the human right to adequate food and nutrition


To influence public policy at all levels (territorial and national), we have drawn up a route of 4 points in which we focus actions that allow us to guarantee the rights of Colombians:

  1. Front Warning Labeling
  2. Healthy taxes
  3. Restriction of junk food publicity targeted at Girls, Boys and Adolescents
  4. Healthy Eating School Environments


To know more about our work, please visit the Inputs and News sections.

These 4 policies are supported by scientific evidence free of any conflict of interest.